The day after tomorrow - Maria Sophie Dorn - Schülerin JG 11

In the present days we are almost always at home and have much time to think about our current situation. So I started thinking about the future. ​What will it be like?​ Will it be very different from our daily lives before the coronavirus crisis or will everything be the same again?

Maybe some of you know ​Roland Emmerich´s “The Day After Tomorrow”​ from 2004. The main characters are faced with a great change in their lives.The whole world has turned upside down and they have to consider ​What will happen on the day after tomorrow and how will this situation affect our lives in the future?

Fortunately, we aren’t in such a dramatic situation as the people in the movie, but I believe we have to think about the question ​What will happen on the day after tomorrow?​ too. What will happen after the coronavirus? ​Can we go back to our daily life again as it was before?

Imagine the schools were open and our parents went to work again. Theoretically we could go back to our normal daily life soon. But I am sure this won’t be easy because the fact that viruses and bacteria are everywhere and could infect us very quickly has entered our minds. As a consequence we try to avoid touching objects out of our own home, for example the rod in the train, door handles, carts at the supermarket. It has become normal for us to sanitize objects we want to touch, to wash our hands frequently and avoid coming in contact with objects in public. Certainly it will be hard for some of us to lose the fear of touching public items.

Maybe we should call it “Hygienezwang”.

I also wonder if we will be able to enjoy events such as birthday parties, concerts or club nights again.​ Are we gonna keep celebrating carelessly with someone coughing next to us?

At the moment I can’t imagine going back to school, to the gym or to dancing school. The reason for this is my mind: I know there are many people and when I touch a railing I can’t ignore the picture in my head which shows that 1000 people have touched it before.

There is another point I am really afraid of. Presently we live in constant fear of meeting someone who is infected. So maybe there will be more distrust against our fellow human beings. ​Will we be able to hug our friends as we did in the past or will we feel an inner fear and discomfort because of the risk of an infection?

However we should not only think about the negative results of the crisis. The shadow can’t exist without light. There are also ​positive consequences​, positive ways in which our society may change.

A lot of people are calling for ​solidarity ​these days. I hope this thought will remain in our minds because we live in an “elbow society”. Everyone wants be the best in a particular domain and doesn’t pay any attention to the people next to him. I don’t criticize ambitious people, but in a world with an increasing number of humans humanness decreases. Perhaps on the day after tomorrow we will ​show more solidarity​ with the people in our environment and ​offer even more help without expecting a service in return​.

Hopefully we will also be more ​thankful ​for the life given to use. In other countries German society is known to be grumbling. In my opinion the coronavirus has shown us that we should be thankful for the life we have and especially for the one we had before. We were able to go wherever we want, we could travel to the places we love and meet the people we love and all this without any restrictions. Of course even before the crisis some people liked to stay at home, but when you aren’t allowed to leave your house without a solid reason it is more challenging than it sounded before.

Dear Classmates, let’s face it​: when the Freistaat said students were obliged to stay at home and the teachers should school them via digital platforms, we all felt pleased about it. But now I notice our opinions have changed. Most of the students want to go back to school after just two weeks of homeschooling.

Possibly in the future we will be more thankful for the life and opportunities we have and of course for the health of our family and friends. I am convinced that ​health is the most valuable good we have​.

Maybe because of this ​lasting gratitude​ a newly discovered ​love for nature​ will arise. Nowadays you can watch many people outside walking through the parks and streets. And some people have also discovered that this is an occasion to do sports in parks. I personally have never seen so many people inline-skating, jogging or riding their bikes before. Perhaps the coronavirus crisis will make us all fit and Germany will become a ​slim-fit-society​.

In the end all of this is just speculation, hopes and small worst-case-scenarios. We actually don’t know what awaits us. I can imagine you have way more ideas than I, so I would welcome it if you shared them or just your opinion in general.

I hope you and your families are all well and are still having a great time at home.

This is a challenging situation for all of us but as long as we all work together and show solidarity, we will survive this and emerge victorious!

Kind regards,

Vielen Dank Maria für deinen Beitrag zum Blog!

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